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I'm a designer with strong interest in product strategy and user research.
Farfetch, Lisbon/PT and Globo, Brazil.

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Âncora Work

Farfetch | The global platform for luxury

thumb Discovery.png

Discovering the user journeys of Globo's purchase experience

thumb Vitrine.png

Designing a new sales experience

thumb Service Blueprint.png

Service Blueprint to understand Globo's recruiting process

thumb Personas-Flip.png

Interviewing users to create personas for a mobile payment app

thumb Checkout.png

Designing a new payment experience

thumb teste Checkout.png

Testing the usability of Globo's checkout experience

Ancora About

About me


I have been working with User Experience for over 7 years, helping organizations to create digital products from scratch and improving internal processes, based on Design Thinking, Service Design and Agile methodologies. I believe design should always be driven by user needs and business goals, the challenge is to understand the boundaries between them.

My experience includes working with mobile and web projects in multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with Product Managers, Developers, other Designers and users, of course.

What I do

• Service Design

• UX Research

• Information Architecture

• Wireframes & Prototypes

• Documentation 

Wanna meet up? 

Let's connect on Linkedin, or send a message to

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