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Usability Test for Globosat Play

Globosat Play is a multiplatform video streaming application.

Design team

Antonio Duarte (UX Designer & Researcher)

Marília Procópio (UX Designer & Researcher)

Juliana Toledo (UX Lead & Researcher)

My role

Planning; Recruiting; Interview scripts; Analysis; Documentation





The problem

Before launching the application's new interface we ran an usability test to understand how users would behave seeing the new experience for live channel switching and to validate a few design decisions for product backlog.

The tests covered the following platforms:

• Smartphones (iOS and Android)

• Tablets (iOS and Android)

• Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Sony, etc)

• Apple TV

The methodology

22 people were invited as volunteers, including Globosat Play users and employees from different teams. Both men and women from 23 to 73 years old. 

room was prepared with cameras to record the image and audio, with authorization. To capture the user interactions with mobile devices we used Lookback

Each participant were had a few tasks to complete after a quick interview about their consumer behavior in entertainment.


The results

We used Google's spread sheets to consolidate all the data from users and generate insights.

By the end of the research, we delivered for the product team around 38 insights and 20 recommendations distributed across all platforms.

At this point the product team were more comfortable for making business decisions and evaluate possible impacts.


Time management was the biggest challenge in this project. We had only a couple of weeks to apply all tests and some days to present the analysis. 

As we couldn't repeat the same person for different platforms, recruiting through social media was a solution get quick responses and evaluate if the person was eligible. 

When presenting the final results we received  a great feedback from the development team, saying that they could finally why design decisions make a difference for a good experience. 

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