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Flip Pagamentos

A mobile payment application that allows users to pay bills
in establishments faster and with fewer queues.

Design team

Antonio Duarte (UX Designer & Researcher)

Andreia de Sá (UX Designer & Researcher)

Felipe Gallez (UX Designer)

Antonio Lapa (UX Designer)

Roberta Primavera (UX Lead)

My role

Information Architecture; User Research (planning, script, analysis and documentation); Prototyping (low fidelity)


Stone Pagamentos



Personas analysis

To better understand how people deal with their payment experiences and financial issues, we applied
a qualitative research to identify our personas:

• People who pay with credit card only

• People who pay with both credit and debit cards

• Young people who use their parents credit card

• Young people who use their own card but with parents financial support somehow

Wanna know more about this research? Check it out here. 

• Store your credit cards securely

• Explore and pay with your phone

• Keep track of your expenses in real time

Information Architecture (simplified version)




My Account

• Establishments nearby

• Search

• QR Code Scanner

• Cards registered

• Add cards

• All payment history organized monthly

• Personal information

• Privacy

• Chat/help

Wireframe evolution

Visual Design

Dashboard used by the establishments to control transactions and sales in real time.


I worked on Flip during it's firsts months after launching when the team was still trying to make the product happen in the payment market. Things were always changing really fast and the challenges were big, not only for the business matters but also within the team. 


I worked with other designers, iOS, Android and Web developers, marketing, business and a product owner. We did our best to follow SCRUM rituals (planning, daily, retrospective and review) and to do so we had to learn how communicate well with each other. 

Documentations slowly became part of the work process and everybody was responsible for keeping things organized for the team. 

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