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A mobile application to help parents of diabetic children about their dietary restrictions, presenting a digital method of meal planning, nutritional information and carbohydrate control.


The product is a facilitator, reiterating the acquired learning during the medical treatment.

PUC-Rio - Brazil

Design - Visual Communications

Final Project - Dec 2016

UX/UI + Branding 

"Tugui" means blood in Guarani Tupi and is related to body fluids and energy. The word was chosen to title the project because of the relationship that can be made with diabetes, which is a disease directly related to the bloodstream, both in the matter of the body's deficiency in the production of insulin and in the treatment of a good diet.

The problem

To understand the impacts of caring for a diabetic child and who else that could be take good use of the product, I interviewed doctors and diabetic people since childhood.


The result was a Stakeholders Map,
whose main actors were:

• Families with diabetic children

• People with food restrictions

• Teachers, coaches and nutritionists 

Information Architecture (simplified version)


• Meal Plan

• Progress status


• Groceries

• Diets and recipes


• Cards with nutrition information

• Blog


• Glycemic graphics 


• Goals and rewards

Wireframe studies

Usability tests

The prototype was validated on the World Diabetes Day event, at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

A few people were invited to evaluate important flows and complete basic tests. After their feedback
I could reduce some steps and understand better how to show informations about every meal.

Got interested? Send me a message to see the navigable prototype with all screens designs and flows  :-)

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