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Mongeral Aegon Investimentos - MAI

MAI is an asset company, part of the Mongeral Aegon's group, and their clients were institutional investors.


With the new website, the main objective was to start the online presence of the brand and increase market share.

Client: Mongeral Aegon Investimentos

UX + UI Design 

Proto-persona analysis

During the immersion process with stakeholders, we identified 3 groups of users that became proto-personas: 

• Clients (Institutional Investors)

• Potential future clients

• The press

After understanding what were the interests of each group, it was possible to organize the content. 

Information Architecture (simplified version)


• Our work

• Corporate structure

• Global presence


• Investment process

• Funds and assets 

• Daily quote


• Legal documents
for public download

In the media

• Relevant articles about the company in the media


• Phone numbers, address, and legal information


• Investment process

• Funds

• Achievements

• Clients statements

Wireframe studies

Got interested? You can check out

the website if you click here :-) 

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