Combate Play: the Apple TV and Android TV app

Combate is one of Globosat's sports channels, focused in UFC among other fights.

Design team

Antonio Duarte (UX Designer)

Rafael Brandão (UX Lead)

My role

Information Architecture; Visual Design;  Prototyping (high fidelity)





The problem

Combate Play was already available for web, smartphones, tablets (iOS and Android), and Smart TVs. The channel decided it was about time to expand the product for Apple TV and Android TV users.

The challenge was to keep a consistence experience across all platforms, without loosing features. 

Information Architecture (simplified version)


More videos

Coming soon


• Live at the moment on TV

• VOD area

• Next UFC events

• User information and account settings

Creation process

Since both TV platforms follows specific frameworks, I had to work really close with the developers, sharing sketches and making decisions together.  

Some visual components from smartphone and web versions such as buttons, image cards had to be customized for TV. To do so, I used help from Apple and Google guidelines shared online.  

Apple TV

Android TV


While working on this project the biggest challenge was understand all the business and design decisions made in the past. Since I wasn't in the company when the other platforms were launched, some ideas I had would impact the smartphone or web version and couldn't be made.


I counted with my UX Lead and the development team to validate and guide my design decisions to keep the consistence between all versions.

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