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Card Sorting for Stone's Online Portal

Every Stone client gets access to his own online portal where is possible to manage their sales, incomes, taxes and many other services.

Client: Stone Pagamentos


User Research 

The problem

The online portal was getting obsolete because  the company increased their online services and also their number of clients around Brazil with different needs. 

The Customer Service area was solving too many simple problems the user could already do by himself online,
but instead the easiest way still was calling the company.

The pain point was the information architecture that wasn't flexible enough to support the new business scenario.

The methodoly

We prepared a Card Sorting, organized in two sessions.

10 establishments, both clients and not-clients, were invited to participate. In each session there was 5 users and both groups had the same profile.

1. Open Card Sort

Objective: understand the user's mental model about the features available and what was really important.

2. Closed Card Sort

Objective: validate the pattern generated in the Open Card Sort and improve taxonomy studies.

The results

At the end of the research, it became clear the users
had some difficulties with specific terms in the taxonomy, but in general the best information architecture was simpler than the team expected. 

With only 5 groups in the menu it was possible to organize all the current content and also the features presented in the product's roadmap.

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